Kristina ♥ Tomo

Thursday, around 3 pm my phone rings. It’s Kristina. ”Hi, are you available tomorrow at noon. We are getting married and we need a photographer.” Of course I was available, because 2020. 🙂

You are probably wondering about why such a short notice wedding. Well Kristina was, at the time, 8 months pregnant and they were planning on having their wedding on the island of Lošinj, but the doctor scared her by telling her that baby could come any day. So they had 24 hours to organise the whole thing; find a registrar, buy rings and a suit for Tomo, reserve a restaurant, and the most important thing, as Kristina is from Serbia, her parents, brothers and made of honor had to come to Zagreb. Long story short, they did it and had a really lovely lunch with those closes and dearest to them. Can’t wait for the big party!